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  1. B

    Catching the Sunset Limited from the Coast Starlight

    In March of 2024 I plan to travel from Seattle, WA (SEA) to El Paso, TX (ELP), on the Coast Starlight and Sunset Limited. The layover at LAX between the scheduled arrival from Seattle and the scheduled departure for El Paso is a mere 49 minutes. For those who don't already see where I'm going...
  2. C

    Two Legs on the Same Reservation

    Two questions about my upcoming El Paso to Portland trip (Sunset Unlimited and Coast Starlight). The reservation is all on one ticket, roomettes. So, it’s a guaranteed connection in LAX. Thanks in advance. 1) Amtrak says reschedule / cancellation must be “before the scheduled departure origin”...
  3. coalman

    SW Chief vs Texas Eagle

    I am traveling from Portland Oregon to Chicago in April 2021 via Coast Starlight/Los Angeles and connecting ( hopefully 45 min layover) with Texas Eagle to Chicago in a roomette. Any comments/ suggestions about Texas Eagle? Do they not have a dining car from S Antonio to Chicago? Is there no...