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  1. Dan O

    Northeast Regional discussion

    I may be in NYC this winter (January) and was hoping to go to DC on a train for the day. However, if I get too cold wandering around I'd like to be able to come back to NYC on the train earlier than I would originally have planned. Are the tickets on the NE Regional such that one can go on an...
  2. Quoctama

    Fantasy Design: The Night Owl II Sleeper

    Mind my horrible drawing skills. But due to a recent trend in overnight sleepers, I created this design for the Northeast Regional's overnight service in which I used the original name of the service, the "Night Owl." The Night Owl II features special sleepers inspired by and based on Japanese...
  3. jis

    Huge News from Virginia

    Virginia is acquiring the ex RF&P RoW between Wshington DC and Richmond from CSX. In addition, it is acquiring what appears to be open passenger train rights between Richmond and Petersburg, Doswell to Clifton Forge on BBRR and the S-Line between Petersburg to the border of NC. This should...
  4. N

    Electro-diesel multiple units for Amtrak

    One of the biggest obstacles that affects Amtrak services is having to change engines to venture non-electrified tracks from electrified tracks. This affects the Northeast Regional and the Keystone/Pennsylvanian. Sure there's the ALP-45DP from Bombardier but Amtrak ruled them to be too slow and...
  5. magiscratch

    Northeast Regional vs. Acela Travel Experience

    Hi all, longtime lurker, first-time caller. Is the experience of traveling on the Acela rather than the Northeast Regional more interesting for a minor train nerd? I have a trip booked on the Northeast Regional round-trip from Philadelphia to Boston in October. I'm debating whether it's worth...
  6. oregon pioneer

    BC vs Coach on NER#178

    I see that they have raised the low bucket fare on the LSL, and it is now cheaper to take the Cap Ltd and NE Regional if going from CHI to BOS (perk if I can take the NE Regional is that RTE is closer to where I am going than BOS). So the question is: on the 178 NE Regional, what is the...