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Lead Service Attendant
Jul 30, 2018
If you haven't seen the news already, there's a major storm bearing down on California over the next three days.

The Surfliner has preemptively cut back service for Sunday, February 4th:
  • Train 777 will terminate in Goleta instead of San Luis Obispo.
  • Train 785 will terminate at Los Angeles instead of Goleta. The schedule for Thruway Bus 4785 has been modified to instead connect with Train 777 in Santa Barbara.
  • Train 794 will be cancelled in its entirety.
This is in addition to the cut in service due to debris falling on/near the tracks in San Clemente.

Amtrak California has canceled bus service between Sacramento and Reno for Sunday and Monday 2/4-2/5.

No other updates as of yet. Anyone on the Surfliner, 11(3), or 14(4) tomorrow should be prepared for weather delays or a flat cancel on short notice.
Just to give an idea of what we're possibly looking at in Central and Southern California:


NWS in San Diego tends to estimate high but they seem to be correlating with NWS in Oxnard for the LA Basin. Not shown: windy conditions along the CS route out of LAX through the Central Coast and into the San Francisco region tomorrow.

The weather discussion I'm seeing at the moment concerns a possible stall of the low and associated atmospheric river Sunday night or Monday somewhere around or west of Los Angeles. Anyone on the rails (or really, traveling anywhere) in SoCal on Monday should check on conditions and cancelations before heading out.
Saw this for today's (Feb. 5) Surfliner's service notice (posted late):

Train 761 cancelled.
Train 774 originates at LAX.
Train 777 terminates in Goleta instead of San Luis Obispo.
Train 794 originates in Goleta.

Doesn't look like 14(5) originated from LAX this morning so it might start at EMY later tonight. If that's the case I doubt 11(4) made it all the way to LAX.
Today's trains headed to San Luis Obispo terminated and originated at Goleta. The CS also terminated and will originate at EMY.

Starting to wonder if there's a larger issue with trackage west/north of Goleta, but haven't seen anything in the news.
CS 14 seems to be originating in EMY today (shows cancelled for northbound trips south of there), but the yesterday's southbound 11 is still showing as good to arrive to LAX today.