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  • Craig Mashburn's Car Diagram Page linked in the post above: Those of you who took a glance through the diagrams pointed to in the post above may have noticed that some of them are out of date. Our expert on the subject and a previous Moderator @PRR 60 has pointed out the following:
    • Pacific Parlor Cars have been retired a while back
    • The Viewliner Sleeper shown is a Viewliner I
    • The Dining Car diagram is actually of a Heritage Diner
  • Craig S. O'Connell; Sleeper Diagram page found on the trainweb site.
  • Viewliner II diagrams, Posted a while back on AU with diagrams of Viewliner II link reposted below. The link is to a page authored by Jonathan Michel and was originally posted in AU by @IAlam :
It has diagrams for:​
  • Viewliner II Diner
  • Viewliner II Sleeper
  • Viewliner II Bag Dorm
It does not have any diagram for the Baggage Cars, but then there is not much to show about its floor plan.​
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