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I'm guessing your eVoucher was issued due to delays or other "trips was unsatisfactory" reasons vs one that is issued when we choose to cancel a trip for some reason. As I said before, it does depend (at least in the past) which type of voucher you received.
A quick update to our ongoing voucher situation. We took our intended journey from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando - tried to use the voucher when booking at the station but were told this could only be done online.
After our return from the US we once again emailed Amtrak expressing our frustration at not being able to use these vouchers to book online.
We also suggested the deadline be extended for another 12 months to allow us another chance to use them next year.
Amtrak obliged so now we have another year in which to try our luck.
To be continued ...

( Compliments of the holiday season to all our American chums on here.Thanks for all your suggestions. )