Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E) (2015 - 1Q 2024)

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While the actual reality of Amtrak's Charger woes can't be defined with what we know, I do think you're erred in this quote.

Via does have higher reliability, in arguably often harsher conditions. We know this a few ways, not the least of which was Via's equipment reporting to Parliament last week when the number of cancelled (Venture) train runs since introducing more scheduled service in September was five trips, four of which were the cars and not locomotive. Now Via did protect the Venture trains for about the first six weeks of regular schedule, but there's been single days where more Amtrak units go down; even accounting for scale that's a sign something is up.
VIA reported at the meeting I spoke of before. They did mention some weather related issues they have had but they did mention they have had not had a terrible experience so far. I am happy to acknowledge if VIA is having less issues, but making accusatory conclusions (as the other poster was doing and what I was primarily disagreeing with) that its simply because of superior performance by VIA's maintenance team as compared to Chicago is 100% pure speculation - full stop. And the lessons learned point absolutely does apply when comparing to the Midwest units which were among the earliest Chargers and account for a lot of the breakdowns that occur - far more statistically than the newer ALC 42s. Also this common assumption that all the problems that occur are due to cold and snow (and not just a simple failure) can't be concluded based on the information. There have been a number of recent issues in mundane non extreme weather - which would hint at problems not directly related to weather. As for the Midwest and West Coast units their biggest challenge in keeping the fleet moving is parts availability. This was stated outright. These states lack a TSSSA agreement with Siemens and its been a multiyear process in trying to secure an agreement for those units. Amtrak does have such as agreement as does VIA which gives them better access to the supply chain and much more comprehensive support from Siemens. A challenge for Caltrans is that California law does not allow them to enter into these sorts of agreements so they have to approach it by trying to join with one of the other contracts (either Amtrak's or the San Joaquin JPA who is also in the process of seeking an agreement.)
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I’d like to add - there’s nothing wrong with speculating - including on this topic. We all do it - myself included and it’s half of what we do on threads like these - engage in informed speculation about what’s going on around the system. Wouldn’t be much fun otherwise. I myself have wondered why the Amtrak units seem to have the most problems and Chicago given some of its past challenges has even crossed my mind, but I think it’s also important to be open to where the facts lead and I think there’s a difference between speculating and discussing and making outright unequivocal conclusive declarations of blame. There does seem to be a heartfelt desire by some to be able to pin this on Amtrak management. I understand it to a degree - Amtrak has made some downright bone headed decisions over the years and questions have always been raised to the competence of project and procurement management there - but again people should be willing to follow the facts. And I do not think there are sufficient available facts or enough information on the failure modes to back up a conclusion that the main problem is Amtrak and not the units.
I guess Chicago had been holding on to a couple of the new Chargers as Amtrak #30(08) took four of them, 353, 352, 351, and 350, eastward. WorldwideRailfan posted a video of this Capitol Limited at Cumberland, Maryland.

novanscaler also posted a video of the train arriving in D.C.

I guess Chicago had been holding on to a couple of the new Chargers as Amtrak #30(08) took four of them, 353, 352, 351, and 350, eastward. WorldwideRailfan posted a video of this Capitol Limited at Cumberland, Maryland.

The "rolling coal" video shows some distress in that P42. But it's encouraging to see the new Chargers heading out like clockwork.
I don’t know if this has been said before . But I think by the time the P42s are out the HUs are gonna be gone expect the day 1 serving as the sole heritage unit for Amtrak

I don’t think they’re gonna do more charger heritage units for a while
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