Buffalo, NY

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There is an active Buffalo Central Terminal Restoration Project now

It is mostly redevelopment of everything other than the Amtrak property which is the platform area. Maybe after the land side is developed there will be more of an incentive to work on the rail side again.
Central Terminal might make sense for the Lakeshore, but everything else goes into downtown which is much more useful. Central Terminal is a magnificent building which I have fond memories of as a child, so I hope it can be successfully repurposed.
This is great news. I was thrilled to recently to have had access to the exterior of the BCT site. Interior tours can/have be informally arranged. it’s great that East Buffalo is getting attention.

Nearby is a Tesla Giga plant, at least three somewhat nearby major routes in/out of Buffalo’s downtown. The enormous park/lawn is a great for picnics and festivals/concerts.

While I was there (June 2023) a freight switcher was going by and freight too.