Earn Points on Travel Purchased by Redeeming Points?

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Aug 4, 2022
Sorry if this has been asked before but I don't see the answer in the AMTRAK Terms and Conditions nor any of the threads here. So, my question is, do you earn more points on travel that was paid for by redeeming existing points?

In my case, I recently took a round trip on the Zephyr. Train 5 was paid for with my AGR member card. Train 6 was paid for by redeeming ~37000 existing points. Both trips were in a roomette. I've already received the points for Train 5 but not yet for Train 6, which isn't too surprising since I just returned Thursday, July 6th.

Someone elsewhere (Facebook, I think) mentioned that points were for travel and not how payment was made, so if that's true, then it seems like I would get the points.

Anyone know for sure? TIA.
If you are using the FNBO card, you get 2x or 3x points for Amtrak purchases from FNBO on the statement date following you purchase.

You then get 2x points the ticket cost from Amtrak after travel, plus any multipliers like BC or status.

So you can collect 5x points or more from Amtrak travel, though at two different points in time, purchase and travel.

FNBO cardholders get a 10% points rebate on Amtrak ticket redemption, but that is after the redemption. You have to have the points for the full redemption, then you get 10% back.

You do not receive any AGR points at all for AGR award travel. The closest thing there is for that would be the 10% points rebate that cardholders receive. That is credited shortly after booking, not travel, so you have no more points in the pipeline for your trip.
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