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Well, states that want it, like Washington, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, California, to name a few, pay for it. Those that don't see fit to pay for corridor service don't get it. The states are not set against each other, they make decisions and spend their own taxpayers' money.

Except the NEC, of course. But it is "profitable" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

I object to the NEC exception as long as such a mileage limit exists. I resent my state tax dollars being required to fund a well patronized service to Portland while I also pay for the very expensive below the rail maintenance and capital costs (assuming you believe Amtrak's well baked books) for Delaware and Maryland through my Federal taxes and from which I derive no benefit.

National or nothing.
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Everything I’ve seen from and about him, he seems to be a likable guy. He’s got big city written all over him however and probably still to this day doesn’t truly understand Amtrak’s role in smaller cities throughout the nation. I was glad to see him ride the Eagle and would like to see him ride the system more.