Metroliner 9800 in DC

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This is the only cab car that runs on the NEC south of Philly and it only runs on Sundays. They take a Keystone train that's idle in NY on Sundays and add additional cars including a cafe car to make up this 11 car push/pull. This is 121(18) and returned as 122(18)
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I wish I had the vantage point for watching that you do. A nice outdoor station with light and fresh air would be great. NYP is a cave at platform level. I worked on a project before I retired that overlooked Sunnyside, that was great...Acelas and NER to and from Boston, LIRR running through, Lake, Crescent and Silvers (Cardinal gone from yard before I started) Empires and NJT looped to go back out or wait till afternoon rush. Rarely a Keystone set, they usually went back out from the station because they had cab cars. And the excavation for East side access activity. Miss that view.
I’m confused, weren’t the Metroliners repurposed specifically to lead as cab cars?
The 9800 did serve as a Cab car when it was first released from the shops. It was rebuilt as a prototype to serve on Metroliners to save from running engines around equipment or wyeing the equipment. Unfortunately, both the quality of work in the cab as well as the lack of popularity of the prototype design of the First class interior, led it to be sidelined within a year or so.