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Probably will not be a problem but with both Amtrak ALCs and MNRR Chargers in the 300 number blocks unlikely confusion if either uses one of the other's Chargers?

I thought this NGEC map was cool:
Those stations are Croton, Southeast and Pelham, if you can't read them. Don't worry, no 123 at Pelham.

The map is from one of the "Meetings" that keep getting mentioned in the "Monthly Activities Report" linked by Dutch. This one is called Metro-North Dual Mode Locomotive, and there's another one about ConnDOT cars, as well as many Amtrak topics.
Reason third rail operations is expanded is that new Dual modes have a energy storage module that will keep HEP alive in gaps. so HVAC's do not get damaged. the P32acdm's did not have an option for that.
The module does not power locomotive in gaps.
For operation in the Park Ave tunnel, don't the locos have to have some means of egress out the front for emergencies due to the tight clearances? I don't see that on this picture.
There were two possibilities discussed early on I don't know which was selected. One was a roof exit and the other was a removable windshield exit. None of those would be obviously visible in that shot.
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roof exit is a FRA mandate but on dual modes there will be a modification to fireman's side window.
egress is over console and a rope type ladder down to coupler level .

note: that picture in my post is not actual Metro North unit but a photoshop. the trucks lack third rail gear and fireman's window is not MN version.

Will the CDOT ones be fitted also with pantographs like Amtrak's NEC Dual Modes so they can operate in electric mode via the wires beyond the third rail change over between Mount Vernon and Pelham?