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Train Attendant
Feb 13, 2013
Southport NC
In October we will be traveling Toronto-Vancouver on the Canadian in Prestige Class.

We plan to bring two airline sized carry-on bags. Our understanding is that (other than a small hanging closet) there is no dedicated luggage space in a Prestige cabin. From online posts it appears that passengers make use of the space under the sofa for storage.

Does anyone have any sense of the amount of room under the sofa? Specifically, how high the space is? Our carry-ons are 10” wide and can be opened clamshell style so that each side is only 5”.

Is there any other storage space? My understanding is that the cabinets above the sofa are for bedding linens.

Many thanks.
We are in the Canadian as I write this so I can now answer my own questions for the benefit of other Prestige riders. Although I didn’t bring a ruler the height of the under sofa space appears to be about 8.5” and extends under both sides of the L-shaped sofa. If your airline carry-on sized bag is of the “clamshell” style it will fit comfortably when opened. if Your bag is hard sided and doesn’t open it won’t fit. The closet is about 5-6” wide (has four hangers) and includes upper and lower shelves for hats and shoes. There are two small drawers in the table and an open shelf over one side of the sofa. Other than that there is no dedicated storage although there are coat hooks over the toilet and behind the door.

it is a beautifully appointed accommodation but has no more storage space than a viewliner roomette. Hope this helps others.
Good so far. The accommodation is first rate and very well maintained—I believe Prestige is in its 8th year but the compartments look brand new. Park car is similarly beautifully restored and well maintained. The views from the domes (we’ve got four: coach, sleepers (2) and prestige dome/observation) are great because of the ability to see forward. Amtrak’s sightseerers simply do not compare. Food has been good though only lunch and canapés at this point. Our diner has a staff of seven (2 servers, chief steward, chef and several assistants); not sure about the other diner—the train has two. All of the staff has been uniformly helpful and pleasant. The onboard chief makes frequent announcements (necessary every time we go in the hole) and our Activities car (again there are two) maintains a whiteboard list of upcoming events (talks, trivia beer tastings, etc.)

We came to Toronto from Greensboro on the Crescent and Maple Leaf and the contrast couldn’t be more stark. Fully one half of the cafe car tables on the Crescent were commandeered by on board staff. I cannot imagine an overseas flight where the flight attendants took up a similar amount of the business class space. The lack of an onboard supervisor seeks to lead to hugely inconsistent onboard behavior. To be fair the cafe attendant on the ML was first rate.
On another thread a recent coach passenger on The Canadian mentioned that the crew is no longer allowed to turn off the lights at night in the dome (in coach). What is the current situation in The Park Car?
I would like to expand on my last post. In addition to the stairway railings there are five footlights (2 on the right and 3 on the left) that are left on. They are the very base of some of the seats along the aisle to illuminate the depressed walkway. The 24 lights in the headliner of the dome were left off. While there are some reflections of the footlights on the dome windows, stars are clearly visible.