Return Trip Rhode Island to Brunswick Maine

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TF Green / Warwick station. Train 814 departed on time. The large structure over the tracks is the parking garage for the TF Green airport. There is an elevated walkway across US route 1 that connects to the airport terminals.

Passed the new Pawtucket station which looks great then the old South Attleboro station which is currently closed for renovations. Shortly after we reach the old unused layover yard, replaced by the new one North of Providence. There we cross over to track 4 to make our Attleboro stop. Leaving Attleboro there is a track that switches off to the Northeast owned by CSX. This is where the short lived Amtrak Cape Codder used to access the Old Colony line to Hyannis back in the 1980s. We proceed slowly then coming to a stop short of the interlocking where we get back on track 2 and wait for Acela 2190 to pass us. He is accelerating to his 150 mph max speed so our train is rocked and my wife is startled.
2159 had passed us heading for Washington back at Attleboro. Shortly after we get back on the main 93 passes us as well. A busy piece of railroad today.

After the Route 128 stop we speed up a bit and race past Hyde Park and Forest Hills stations where we now start paralleling the Orange Line. At Readville I see a CSX switcher working a spur track. Soon we start slowing for the Ruggles stop where lots of people get off including students with backpacks heading for classes at Northeastern U.

We get to South Station only 5 minutes late account of our wait for 2190 and head for the red line to go one stop to Downtown Crossing. There we head for the Orange Line platform at what will always be Summer St. Station to me, from when I commuted to school every weekday. We just make one of the new CRRC cars, my first ride on these controversial vehicles. A couple of stops later we are at North Station and after successfully navigating the faregates this time, are seated amongst the pigeons waiting for Amtrak 683 to take us back to Brunswick.
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Just a follow up to summarize the trip. We got into Brunswick 5 minutes early. Overall the trip was comfortable and crew was friendly. Cafe attendant came through BC for drink orders shortly after leaving North Station. That section of "stick rail" on the MBTA line through Wakefield is really rough, I'm surprised it hasn't been upgraded to CWR. Fortunately the Downeaster doesn't normally go that route but takes the Wildcat Branch to the Lowell line in order to serve the Woburn stop.

Had a little adventure driving to Lewiston where we stayed overnight at my oldest son's house. Shortly after leaving the parking lot the engine temperature warning came on. Turns out we were low on coolant. I refilled it at a gas station and car seems ok now. Was thinking if we had driven down this probably would have happened on some inconvenient location on I-95. There may be a slow leak or an issue with the head gasket. With cars there is always something😕
Thanks for posting both ends of the report. Hope your son is feeling better.
Thanks. By the time we were leaving he was doing much better and was able to get around with a walker.
He has the other hip done in January so we are planning to repeat our trip then to be there to help out.