San Clemente landslide affects Pacific Surfliner 1/24/24

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You're right. It was showing the full schedule earlier but is now only showing 7 trips in each direction. I guess that means they're in the process of updating the schedule?

Interestingly, the three missing north-bound trips 765/777/785 are the ones with the bus shuttle. The remaining ones are the ones that will most likely be cancelled. Looks like they've updated them to originate in SNC/IRV, but without the bus shuttle or San Diego segments yet. I didn't check the south-bound trips.
It looks like the SAN-OSD segments for 1765/1777/1785 are there now, so all we're missing are the bus segments. And cancelling all of the other trains, of course. Couldn't this have been handled better? Wait till all of the folks get their cancellation notices for their holiday weekend trips...
That would indicate one change from the previous bus schedule - 765 is getting the bus bridge instead of 769. That definitely makes some sense - it restores the connection with the Coast Starlight (and likely some bus connections with the San Joaquin as well). Though it is a lot earlier - 5:36am departure from SAN! They don’t as of yet seem to be adding a bus bridge for 794 to restore the connection in the other direction, though, which makes this a bit puzzling…

In any case, this is going to be a nasty surprise for people who booked tickets this weekend. They could do a lot better with communicating the situation - their own Twitter account was still telling people they expected the trains to resume this weekend as of today (almost certainly just looking at the reservation system). I’m out that way and have been thinking about doing a trip this weekend - have been holding out on booking for a while, but if I do it it seems it’s going to be Flixbus/Greyhound (it’s quicker than the bus bridges and offers more selection of times). Of course, Flixbus/Greyhound have zero refundable fares, so once you’re booked you’re locked in…
Schedule in the reservation system has been updated - it now shows 3 bus-bridged round trips for SAN-LAX through March 1. The schedule is the same as it has been except for the first northbound SAN-LAX trip - that is now 1765/765 leaving at 5:36am instead of 1769/769 leaving at 7:23am. Will restore some connections (including the Coast Starlight, though only northbound - you can connect to a 2:25am bus at LAX southbound, but no busing for 794). Very late notice for anyone booked on a trip this weekend - this isn’t even on their website/social media yet…
They finally posted the updated schedule information starting Saturday, February 17th on their website - it looks to be the same, except that 765 is being bus bridged instead of 769.

Metrolink also posted a new update, stating that debris removal has allowed freight trains to resume running through the area (this is dated after the last posting regarding freight being halted):

Figure it’s going to be down for a while regardless - very annoying, as the bus bridge choices are limited and the alternative (Flixbus/Greyhound) offers very inflexible tickets with no refundable option and change fees. Was thinking of changing the trip I just booked and saw that… I’m only here until March - at least I got to ride the full Surfliner in January, though if I lived here I wouldn’t rely on it until they get the permanent fix. They’ve managed to make the Wolverine look reliable by comparison.
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There has been another adjustment to the bus options as of today (Monday, February 19) - southbound, 564 is now being bus-bridged instead of 770. With 774 being bus-bridged, this makes some sense - spaces them out more, and offer an earlier morning arrival in SD. Still think they should do something about the Coast Starlight southbound connection - if not bus-bridging 794, they could do a dedicated thruway bus (like they often do with scheduled maintenance) and could limit it to connecting passengers.
I haven't been checking daily, but yesterday I noticed that the bus shuttle has been extended through Friday 3/15. And today, Metrolink posted another update that wall construction has begun, and with a rough estimate of service resuming in late March at the earliest:

The wall is anticipated to be completed in mid-March, which will be followed by necessary track repair. Metrolink passenger rail service may begin as early as late March or early April.
The hill side appears to move somewhere around the speed of LAVA. What are the planes to remove dirt between the hill and wall? Then again how high would the dirt be next to the wall to cancel trains?
The through trains have been loaded in the reservation system but the bus shuttles aren't there yet (showing as sold out).

It looks like they selected the trains to go through San Clemente around 7:30 in the morning at 6:30 in the evening.
The through trains have been loaded in the reservation system but the bus shuttles aren't there yet (showing as sold out).

It looks like they selected the trains to go through San Clemente around 7:30 in the morning at 6:30 in the evening.
Yep its for commuters and to give them a 10 hour or so working window
According to the Pacific Surfliner Travel Advisories web site, train service will be temporarily suspended between Irvine and San Clemente on April 27 - 28 for scheduled Metrolink track work. Bus connections will be available for passengers between Irvine and Oceanside on select trains. (A revised PSL schedule for these two days is also posted on the Travel Advisories web site.)