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Coming to Seattle end of May and traveling to Vancouver for a cruise. We are staying by the airport in Seattle and visiting friends in the Tacoma area. Can we board the AMtrak at Tukwila? Or do we need to board the train at the Seattle, King street station? I'm reading that the Tukwila station is small, no agent. We will have some luggage with us considering we are traveling for about 12 days.

Looks like Tukwila station would be closer to our hotel area. I am also reading its best to set on the left side of the Amtrak for the scenic view. If we get on at Tukwila and pick a seat, will they move us once we get to Seattle? Family of 5, kids ages 7-12
Whether or not you can board in Tukwila depends on which train you are taking. If you are on the morning train, it originates in Seattle so there is no Tukwila stop. The evening train originates in Portland, with a stop at Tukwila. Seats are not assigned, and many passengers will alight at Seattle, giving you the opportunity to move to coast-side seats before other passengers board--just be sure to take your seat checks.
I am looking to do this same trip in reverse (at the end of a cruise). However, it appears that checking baggage is not an option, since there is no baggage service at the Tukwila station. The website says there is baggage service if we travel from Vancouver BC to the King Street station in Seattle, but the Amtrak rep I just talked to said there isn't. So now I don't know if Amtrak is a viable option at all.
Amtrak phone agents are rather notorious for being ignorant of facts in the field. They are reliable for train fare quotes and reservations, but are often wrong about ground truth about services and onboard conditions, especially outside the Northeast Corridor.

Both the morning train to Vancouver, 516, and the evening train, 518, handle checked baggage at Seattle's King Street Station. The Amtrak Thruway/Cantrail buses that provide additional service do not. I know this because I ride these trains and that can also be verified on the website.

I don't know why the agent's answer contradicts both ground truth and Amtrak's own information published on, but it does and the answer you were given was incorrect. It wouldn't be the first time.
Oh, and riding the other way, from Vancouver, there is also checked baggage service on the trains, 517 and 519. It is done differently than at other Amtrak stations, though. You cannot check bags in advance. You go through Amtrak check in, followed by a US CBP "Preclearance-lite" Immigration inspection with all your luggage. After clearing, you head out to the sealed platform for boarding. A VIA Rail Canada baggage agent is stationed at the head of the platform who will tag and take your baggage.
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