Showed up at our local crossing this morning

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Is this related to the Sunrail extension to Deland?
Unlikely. "Orange Heights" as indicated on the equipment hut by the grade crossing, is near Waldo, which is no where near where Sunrail runs or is being extended to. It is on the non-Amtrak route from Jacksonville to Tampa/Miami.
Correct, this crossing is 6 miles south of the old Waldo Station (Still owned by Amtrak but closed) - and about 90 miles north of Deland and, like @jis said, on the wrong line. US301 does not go to Deland and that track more-or-less follows 301 to Plant City.

The double track where they were working is a mainline and a siding - one of two siding tracks between Orange Heights and Hawthorne 10 miles to the south ... whatever they were doing, they were not doing today since the equipment was moved to Waldo and parked on a dead-end track sometimes used for storage.
That's neat. I've only seen that type of equipment once or twice. That is a good clear photo of it.'
Ballast tamper: used to compress the rock around the railroad ties. Adjust and maintain the track profile. Smooth track making machine.

Ballast Regulator: used to move rock around into a certain profile. Rake and broom.

Cart with equipment. Heads for the excavator in the next shot.

Rail mounted Excavator. Additional hydraulic line for a brush cutting head. (Seen in the shot above.)