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Jan 14, 2023
Columbus, OH
Last week (June 15-16), I took the Wolverine from Ann Arbor, MI to Chicago, IL. I drove up from Columbus, OH to ARB as it has a schedule to where I can leave for Chicago early Saturday morning and be back to ARB on Sunday afternoon/evening so that I can be back in Columbus on Sunday night for work from home on Monday morning (where the Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited do not have that, so I drove the extra hour to get that more accommodating schedule). I first took this trip last year and enjoyed it, and I had a family matter in Chicago so I thought I would do it again as I had the opportunity.

I'm an amfleet guy (if you couldn't tell), but I enjoy the venture cars as well, and when I boarded from ARB, I was lucky enough to snag a seat on one of the venture cars. When I had boarded, it seemed to me that they reserved one of the venture cars for just only passengers boarding from ARB as the venture car I boarded was completely empty, I was lucky enough to have my own seat all of the way to CUS. Don't get me wrong, I am social and don't mind to having someone sit beside me, but I definitely like relaxing and enjoying the trip without someone I don't know beside me.


I enjoyed the ride into CUS. My car did get packed, but not packed enough to where someone had to sit beside me. Once I got into CUS, it was time to head west on Metra to my destination on the Milwaukee District West line, so I headed to the north tracks of CUS, where I was excited to the flared Metra MAC locomotives for the first time in person used in revenue service (I always seem them on the railcam I frequent here).


After I did my family business in IL, it was time to head back to ARB. I was also lucky to snag a seat to myself on the rear venture car, which was pure luck, because as I headed throughout the train on the journey back, the other venture car and the horizon cars were all packed to the brim. I arrived back at ARB on time enough for me to head back to Columbus and be back here by 11P EST. I thoroughly enjoyed my train trip (as I always do)!