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    Watching the Weather from a train

    Southwest Chief #3 in 2015 - between Raton and Las Vegas. You could hear the rain hitting the top of the car. Flash flood warning was transmitted to engineer by the dispatcher (its nice to have a scanner). Normally dry washes were surging with muddy water.
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    Ooops... apparently it snows in Flagstaff

    The Flagstaff elevation is nearly 7,000 feet. Yes, they do get snow! "Average Annual Snowfall: 108.8 inches (276.35 cm)"
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    So how does that 11 hr 58 minute layover in NOLA work?

    We've stayed at the Holiday Inn New Orleans - Downtown Superdome several times. Convenient to the station. An extra night is a great idea! Currently closed through September 30 due to Hurricane Ida.
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    Surfliner service disruption. Why?

    From September 16 ...
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    When traveling in a bedroom, do you have your SCA fold up the bed each morning?

    We leave the upper bunk "down" the entire trip and the couch in the sitting position the entire trip. My wife sleeps there just fine. We don't like losing the floor space when the couch is in the bed position. We communicate that to the SCA and pretty much handle it all ourselves.
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    What's the deal with the Texas Eagle?

    One coach and one sleeper (421/422) are moved between the SL and TE in San Antonio. That happened even when the TE had a "dining" car - a Cross Country Cafe and offered traditional dining (pre-covid). Most passengers sleep through the switching move.
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    UP and Amtrak

    Other railroads do the same sometimes. On the Southwest Chief (mostly BNSF the entire route) at the end of July, we had an on-time departure from LAX and were 1:18 late at Riverside (third stop); 4:36 late into Chicago. On the Sunset Limited mid-August we departed NOL on time and were 2:14 late...
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    Railway Gauge

    Without needing special approval, UP states: Lading must not exceed maximum width of 10 feet 6 inches
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    Railway Gauge

    Google train wheel profile, or something similar to read about what is going on. Wikipedia has this short entry ... Train wheel - Wikipedia
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    You eat in your room? Why?

    A time I recall where eating in our room was preferable to the diner was several times when we were in the Texas Eagle sleeper (421/422) on the Sunset Limited. The walk through all those coaches to the diner was more than my wife could handle. Except for that, we eat in the diner.
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    How well does a pocket radio work in the sleepers?

    Being near a window will be helpful with any radio (that goes for cellphones too). Remember, you are inside a metal "tube".
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    Engine Cab Layout

    Still looking for the ignition key!
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    You eat in your room? Why?

    We've done both and prefer the dining car. Two people in a room/roomette with plates, etc. on the little table doesn't compare to the larger dining car table. Never had a bad experience in the dining car with other passengers at our table, its an enjoyable experience and an opportunity to mingle...
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    How cold does it get on Amtrak Trains

    In our sleeper (the entire car) on #1 in mid-August it was pretty chilly...especially for my wife. The SCA said a service request had been placed for the car but hadn't been acted on yet.
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    Engine Cab Layout

    Here is a "training" video... Amtrak P42 Locomotive Overview