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    Timetables/Flag Stops

    I'm not sure what I will do with it. I love restoring old historic buildings. The old Sanderson State Bank building will probably be a short term lodging for Amtrak touring lovers that want to stop for a day and a night. Then back on and keep going. At least that is what I would want to do...
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    Timetables/Flag Stops

    In Sanderson TX on the Sunset line, the engineer slows the train to a walking pace and then he's out of there. If you buy a ticket online (the only way, they won't accept a cash purchase at the platform) they should stop. I actually saw a passenger disembark last week. I am restoring the old...
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    Picturesque Small Town Stops on Amtrak Routes

    Sanderson, TX on the Sunset Limited.
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    What should Amtrak change?

    Allow bicycle storage for those folks that are bike touring. Offer affordable multi-stop rail passes to younger travelers like the Eurail passes. Add more flagstops.