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    Lincoln service speed limit increased

    So how much time got shaved off the timetable? That’s what really matters.
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    Changes to Amtrak Midwest and additional Wolverine RT

    110 from KZoo to Albion too. It’ll be 110 between Porter and Albion.
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    Eastbound Wolverine showing “sold out” July 19-October - possible schedule change?

    It’s 45 miles of track that’s going from 79 to 110. The time savings aren’t going to be huge. The train already gets delayed enough, so Amtrak is using this speed increase to allow for making up time. Worst case scenario, the train just sits at the next stop for a few extra minutes. Once...
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    Superliners on 391 yesterday.

    Something to do with CN imposing rules because of speculated grade-crossing activation issues. Don’t quote me on this, but somewhere I heard that on parts of the Chicago-Carbondale line, CN imposes an axle count requirement AND requires single level passenger trains to slow to 70 over crossings...
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    I was on an on-time 48 a few months ago at Albany. I flat out left the station and sat down at a restaurant for a late lunch. Made it back in time to watch the switching. Sure beats the cafe food! Lol
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    Distance between stations

    I wonder what the longest distance is between two consecutive stations on the network is. Auto Train doesn’t count. I’d guess something on the Sunset Limited. Maybe Houston to San Antonio, or somewhere east of El Paso.
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    Texas Eagle Sightseer lounge discontinued

    That’s too bad. The SSL was a nice amenity for coach passengers. At least they’ll keep the Cross Country Cafes. They just need to open the tables back up already.
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    Whats with freight delays and speed restrictions?

    Padding schedules is not a solution, in my opinion. Freight companies have simply gobbled up the extra time with little change to Amtrak. The Sunset Limited has an absurd amount of padding, and it has trouble making time. Even if adding padding does improve on-time performance, the only real...
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    Upcoming Amtrak LD Schedule Changes (2021)

    Late to the party, but northbound is a 2h16m running time increase, while southbound is a 1h30m increase. What happened? Is lengthening schedules really the fix for late trains? We’ve seen freight companies agree to running time increases and then just gobble up the extra padding with no better...
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    Both Autotrains & Silver Meteor in Service Disruption

    Website says it’s a disabled freight train. It’s single track where they’re bunched up, so you likely have a freight train with a mechanical problem that is blocking the only main.
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    Whats with freight delays and speed restrictions?

    Padding already exists at intermediate stations. Take 22. Theres padding at Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Marshall, Little Rock, St Louis, and Joliet. Yesterday’s 22 went from 1h5m late at Longview to 21m late at Marshall. There are multiple opportunities to make up time within the schedule...
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    Mask Mandate for Transportation Extended

    For long distance travel: Wearing a mask in coach is mildly annoying, but tolerable with the right mask. Sleepers just seem too expensive these days for my wallet. $50 from Chicago to the west in coach with a mask vs $1000 in a sleeper without a mask? I’ll still take coach being the better deal...
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    Is the Chicago lounge back in full operation yet?

    I’d like to think Amtrak is a little different. Speed from Point A to B is the draw of the airlines. The fact that you get crumby food doesn’t change the fact that it’s the fastest mode of transport. They can get away with it because their main draw is still intact. Amtrak doesn’t have that...
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    Is the Chicago lounge back in full operation yet?

    My hot take: The virus has become an excuse for bad service. Amtrak is doing it, hotels are doing it, airlines are doing it. At one point, okay sure we’re trying to stop the initial spread by limiting literally everything. Now, it’s just an excuse to cut costs. Amtrak could easily set out some...
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    Why Such High Prices for The Silvers in February 2022?

    Thoughts on lie-flat seats for rail travel? Sorta like what you’d find on international flights in business/first. They aren’t rooms, but the seats can recline 90 degrees to make a pseudo-bed. It’s a level between coach and sleeper rooms.