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    Chicago Travel Order - 14 day quarantine

    I always eat at Beggars Pizza when on a layover in Chicago. I hope you enjoyed. Jim
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    How do feel about riding "Coach" ?

    Going back to the original post: My first ride on Amtrak was from Denver to Chicago in coach about 15 years ago. I did not care for the overnight in coach. Over the last eight or nine years I have switched to roomettes for over night travel and I love it. I have and will do coach for day...
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    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic: Amtrak Food Service Discussion

    I had to fly last week to get my mom from the Rio Grande Valley and no food or drinks, nothing. The good thing was that so few people are flying it was built in social distancing.
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    Best roomette on the Capitol Limited

    I just want to be as far away from the locomotive and its horn as possible. I rode the Texas Eagle to Los Angeles and it was great being in the last car from San Antonio to LA. Likewise the Lake Short Limited has it's NY sleepers on the back.
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    Concrete Ties

    Cirdan is correct about customized Concrete ties being really hard. Customized Steel turnouts is just as easy as "standard" turnouts. Since there are no "standard" turnouts (different frogs, point, etc) the only company in the US that makes steel turnouts makes them ALL custom per the...
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    Concrete Ties

    I was "in the industry" in the late 90's. Two key area's in terms of your cracking issues: 1. The Manufacturing process. Bad process, bad materials, bad design, all can cause issues. The bad ties in the north east from about 20-25 years I think have been narrowed down to bad aggregate and...
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    Silver Star & Silver meteor questions - sleeper cars

    As for #5, yes you get a thin blanket and a pillow for each bed. Bring snacks and a power strip or extension cord since the two plugs are not in the best of places.
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    Going into Pennsylvania station instead of DC

    I visit my Corporate in NYC a few times a year, it is at 5 Penn Plaza, so just a block north from NY Pizza Suprema. This is were everyone from works goes for lunch if they want a slice of pie. I go there every time I am in NYC.
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    No ID

    Depending on your route between NYC and Chicago you could get a random border check if your run the Lake Shore Limited. I have only been on the LSL once and we were not checked. But they can since they are within 100 miles of the border. Past that you should be fine.
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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    Breakfast on Acela this morning, I enjoyed it.
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    NYP Acela lounge experience

    I stayed in a hotel next door and it is a bee hive of activity, well as fast as unionized people can work.
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    Acela Menus?

    I will be riding Acela Wednesday 1st class as a "once before it's gone" trip. Does anyone know the current color of the menu for this week? I'm a planner and love to know before hand what is going to be offered. Thanks, Jim
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    Tips for meals and Sleeping Car attendant

    I have done this trip once. The LA to San Antonio SCA was about two cans short of a six pack, but the SCA from SA to Ft Worth was great, so he got a double tip.
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    Lazy Amtrak Zephyr SCA Sleeper Attendant? "If needed, you can find me in room 1”

    Been there, done that. And the worst part is when they do show up and get pissy because you did their job for them.
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    Silver Meteor new Dining October 1

    I just had to google if you could nuke a hard boiled egg. You can but they can explode!!!! They recommend to put in hot water as jis said.