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    New dining options (flex dining) effective October 1, 2019

    YES! I have said this several times - Even a mediocre Quality Inn puts out a breakfast spread with two or three hot options though I do suppose it is not a good idea for half awake people to try using a waffle iron on a moving train.
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    Denver Union Station to Denver Airport Questions

    Another consideration if coming in off a late #6 and then commuter railing to the airport is that the rental cars at DIA are WAAAAAAY off-site. As in another 10 minutes by shuttle bus AFTER your 35ish minute ride out to the airport. I have had much better success (and I do go out to Colorado...
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    America's coolest train stations?

    I would like to add three to the list of 'really cool' stations and they could all be checked out within a couple of days since they are fairly close together. All are historic. All were lovingly restored by the North Carolina DOT within the last 10-15 years, and all are still active as Amtrak...
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    A first time for everything (bailing from a late train)

    I sort of bailed once. I was traveling Los Angeles to Oklahoma City but the eastbound Sunset I was riding was being cancelled at El Paso due to a UP freight derailment. The plan was to turn the trains at El Paso and San Antonio busing through passengers between the two trains. When we arrived...
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    When was the last time you rode in an Amtrak dome car?

    I last rode a dome on an overnight Amtrak train returning to Washington. DC from Chicago on the 'Capitol Limited' in March 1993. In 1998 the North Carolina DOT owned a former Milwaukee Road Super Dome which they operated on the 'Piedmont' service trains as a 'Business Class' car for the...
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    New Piedmont Roundtrip

    Of course in a pinch, the Piedmont service trains could use the track which is not tied back in on the southeastern side of the station. Only the Carolinian and Silver Star will need to use the existing through track.
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    Ringling Brothers circus to shut down

    A performer waves farewell from the Blue Unit Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus train northbound at Thomasville, NC Feb 6, 2017. While I am certainly not in favor of mistreating animals, I am deeply saddened that RB and B&B was not able to evolve beyond the animal acts and survive...
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    New Orleans Hotel Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone for your responses...... I've gotten a couple or three possibilities. Yes, I can Google. Yes I can use Expedia. I love figuring out the lay of things using Google Earth..... that helped me pull off riding trains in Europe for 12 days in 2014 and finding suitable hotels near the...
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    New Orleans Hotel Suggestions?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a favorite hotel near Union Station in New Orleans?
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    AMTRAK train leaving Charlottesville today (10/24) around 520 pm?

    That was the excursion train which did the 'New River Train' excursions between Huntington, WV and Hinton, WV the past two weekends. It was on it's way to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC where it will do another pair of excursions this weekend. The engines ran around the...
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    Superliners on Cardinal route?

    The Cardinal ran with Superliners as a Chicago-Washingon train until early 2002. That's when they had an Auto-Train derailment in Florida and a number of Superliner cars were destroyed......or at least banged up to the point of not being able to continue in service without expensive repairs. The...
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    Room change made by Amtrak

    I'm going to bet that you never flew US Air out of Charlotte, NC then. We stopped flying with that airline because my family would never get the seats we were originally assigned when flying with them from Charlotte. Flying alone this is not an issue. Flying with an under 10 years old autistic...
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    Cardinal or Hoosier State?

    So will your sleeper booking put you on the Hoosier State or Cardinal? Just curious.
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    First Trip Booked under AGR 2.0

    Interesting. I'm looking forward to being able to price trips using points before committing.
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    How does the "Amtrak Store" ship items?

    That's encouraging...... I've backed away from ordering posters for fear that they would be shipped the same way the calendars are!