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    Ohio to Colorado and back by train

    Agent, Thanks for the heads-up on the videos. I check out your YouTube videos of the Zephyr almost daily, but I had missed those two. Thanks for posting.
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    Ohio to Colorado and back by train

    We boarded the Capitol Limited #29 in Alliance Ohio sixteen minutes late, at 1:55 a.m. EDT on March 17, 2016 in car # 2900 and roomette #3. Our beds were already made up, so we went straight to bed. After a great breakfast, we returned to our roomette which had been changed to the daytime...
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    tipping? meals?

    I found a formula a few years ago here on "Amtrak Unlimited" for tipping the SCA and at meals. For couples: $5 Breakfast $5 Lunch $10 Dinner $10 per night SCA I get enough 5's and 10's for the trip plus two extra of each at the bank prior to leaving on the trip. This also eliminates...
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    Trying to Improve Amtrak Schedules in Ohio

    I agree with districtRich, leave the Capitol Limited Schedule alone. We board the train in Alliance Ohio at 1:39 a.m. Is this an inconvenient time? A little, but we board the train, go right to sleep, wake up refreshed, have breakfast and are ready for whatever we want to do in Chicago and...
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    Placement of Sleepers on the California Zephyr

    Since 2008, my wife and I have ridden the California Zephyr 18 times. Of those 18 times, 12 times the sleepers were on the rear of the train behind the diner, and 4 times they were on the front of the train ahead of the diner. The other 2 times were in 2008 and I wasn't keeping track of the...
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    10 Minute boarding rule?

    palmetto, on the Amtrak web sight go to "service alerts and notices, and then "Station Advisories". My mistake, daybeers is right, there are 7 stations listed (CHI, DEN, KCY, MKE, PDX, STL, and WAS), the other 9 notices pertain to other matters.
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    Thanks all, for the advice. I joined this morning. My user name is royalc. Thanks again!
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    What Does Your Forum User Name Mean?

    My name is Roy, and ALC is my home station.
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    10 Minute boarding rule?

    There are 16 stations listed on Amtrak.com that close the gates 5 minutes prior to departure. If everyone showed up 5 minutes prior to departure to board the train, not only would it be unsafe because of the mad scramble to the train, but the trains would never get out of the station on time...
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    age 71

    age 71