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    So how does that 11 hr 58 minute layover in NOLA work?

    There are a couple of Holiday Inns within walking distance of the station. Both are around $100. Years ago I took the Sunset and transferred to the Crescent the next morning. I just stayed at the station overnight. Don't think I would do that again.
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    Lake Shore Limited - which type of business class car is used?

    When I'm in Coach I always get the bagel and cream cheese. I do wish they would offer that as part of the flex breakfast.
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    Most Interesting Encounter (s) on a Train

    Years ago Tammy Faye Baker was sitting in front of me on the Lake Shore. On the Cardinal in the 90's I was talking with Nick Clooney,George's uncle and Rosemary's brother. He and his wife were going to Cincinnati where he was a talk host.
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    Amtrak Dining

    I have a day trip on the CS in late January in Coach. I quickly upgraded to BC in anticipation of diner food and if the food is indeed included,I have a feeling the price will rise.
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    Amtrak Dining

    That's a nice improvement. All you get in BC is water. Is the food complimentary with BC? If so,that will be quite a coup.
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    Pros/Cons of the USA Railpass vs. buying Coach seats

    No. However you can buy a roomette with a separate reservation and build your pass around that. I did that last month. Coach overnight can be tough.
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    When traveling in a bedroom, do you have your SCA fold up the bed each morning?

    I always have the SCA do it. As mentioned above I'm too old to risk doing it myself and I feel I may do something wrong and injure myself. I always use roomettes. Sometimes I'll just leave the bed down during the day.
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    What's the deal with the Texas Eagle?

    One or two coaches and a sleeper in the rear are attached to the Sunset in SAS. Going East they are removed and attached to the TE. If on time going Westbound you get a five hour layover. I used that time to go to Riverwalk.
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    Pros/Cons of the USA Railpass vs. buying Coach seats

    Are you just doing Harrisburg to Portland and back? Is Denver a stop over? Why not take the Empire Builder back? Same amount of segments. Bear in mind you will be in Coach the entire trip. Unless you are young,sleeping in a coach seat is tough,and unless something changes by next summer,(lets...
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    Need Amtrak trip and route planning help. Who should I contact?

    When I first began riding I used a local travel agent. After a few years and my trips began to get complicated,I started using Amtrak by phone. Then I switched to their website and I have the app. It is very cumbersome trying to make reservations,especially the last several months as low...
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    The perfect circle trip.

    LSL Bos-Chi EB Chi-Sea CS Sea-LA,Sunset Ltd LA-Jax,Silver Jax-NY NE Regional NY-Bos. Now,thats a complete circumference of the US. Sadly NO is as far as you can go on the Sunset.
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    Empire Builder 2022 Outrageous Bedroom Fares

    Always looking for a mid winter train ride into warmer weather I checked mid January and February roomette prices on the Eagle from LA to Bloomington,Il. Didn't take long with checking three days a week and I found Amtrak's best deal.$448. With the$13 Coach fare to Chicago,$461. Three nights...
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    The perfect circle trip.

    San Joaquin
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    The perfect circle trip.

    Having ridden on every Amtrak long distance train multiple times,I think this is about a perfect circle as you can get. Using DC as your start and end points,the Capitol Limited to Chicago,The Zephyr to Sacramento,The Starlight to Portland,the Builder to Chicago and the Cardinal back to DC...
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    Amtrak Dining

    After riding the EB last week and enjoying traditional dining,it's going to be quite a letdown to return to flex. I am booked on the CONO and Crescent in November. Traditional dining,or at least some variation,can't return soon enough to every long distance train. It was so nice to be pleasantly...