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  1. B

    Catching the Sunset Limited from the Coast Starlight

    In March of 2024 I plan to travel from Seattle, WA (SEA) to El Paso, TX (ELP), on the Coast Starlight and Sunset Limited. The layover at LAX between the scheduled arrival from Seattle and the scheduled departure for El Paso is a mere 49 minutes. For those who don't already see where I'm going...
  2. D

    New Member from Texas

    I just recently found this board through the Amtrak Fans Group on Facebook. I've taken a number of long distance trips on Amtrak with my wife. We've taken the Sunset Limited between San Antonio and Los Angeles a few times, and used the Pacific Surfliner to get down to Oceanside. Last year...
  3. M

    Planning a December trip! (Discussing SWC/CZ schedule performance etc.)

    I'm planning a long Amtrak trip (for a family of four, I am the 20 year old planning the train component of the family trip :)) to California that will probably take place in early December. Earlier is fine but December seems to have lots of low buckets! Note that I live in the MSP area, so the...
  4. Willbridge

    Coast Starlight Train 14 at dawn of Amtrak

    Recently I turned up fifty-year old consists for Train 14, the Coast Starlight, at Salem. These show the evolution of Amtrak's fleet on its first big succcess. On Train 11 a couple of days earlier, dinner was served till Klamath Falls to handle the demand. Note that the train was operating...
  5. Willbridge

    Coast Starlight in winter?

    It's less known outside of the region, but there are times when the Coast Starlight offers snow scenes and challenges comparable to the Rockies or the other Cascades crossings. Opened in 1927, the Cascades Line between Dunsmuir and Eugene through Klamath Falls and Oakridge bypasses the original...
  6. coalman

    Pacific Surfliner website (

    I saw this website that did not look to be under Amtrak. It offered a better discount for the Pac Surfliner too. Is there a website like this for other routes like Coast Starlight, Empire builder, etc. ?
  7. coalman

    Sleeping in Coach/Business

    I'm planning a 24 hr. trip in May from PDX to Santa Baraba. I will take sleeper down but was thinking of seeing what sleeping in coach was like on way back? Should I take a blanket and pillow? Is it worth 50$ extra to try Business? Any chance that I could buy a meal in dining car? Thank you...
  8. M

    Business Class in long distance trains

    I'm seeing that the Coast Starlight has business class, which is unusual for long distance trains. Do any other LD trains have business class or is the CS the only one? The biggest perk for me would probably be the metropolitan lounge in LA assuming it's a nice one. Amtrak's website seems to...
  9. JermyZP

    Can the Coast Starlight route be extended?

    Is it possible for the Coast Starlight to go to and from Seattle to San Diego. There are routes on other long distance trains where the train would go into a dead-end station and then back up back onto the mainline. What are your thoughts?
  10. M

    SWC transfer to CS

    One of the trip plans I have bouncing around in my head is to take the SWC to LAX from GBB, then the CS to EMY, and back to GBB on the CZ. I would spend the bulk of my vacation in the EMY area and very little in LAX. I can put the CS and the SWC on the same ticket but it's cutting it close (8:00...
  11. M

    Why does the Coast Starlight go east of the Cascades?

    This is a question that has been puzzling me for a while: North of Redding, the Coast Starlight goes east over the Cascades through northern California, through Klamath Falls and Chemult, before heading back west to Eugene. To me, the route following the I-5 corridor seems to make more sense...
  12. N

    LOSSAN Corridor Rebuild

    The LOSSAN corridor is one of the most travelled Amtrak routes outside of the Northeast Corridor. However, to get it to remotely the standards seen on the Northeast Corridor, a lot of improvements would have to be made. These improvements include dual-tracking (at minimum), grade separation to...
  13. H

    Boarding the Coast Starlight at Burbank

    I am a newbie on Amtrak travel and planning to take the Coast Starlight from Burbank to Seattle with luggage. I note there are no Checked baggage facilities at Burbank. Can anyone kindly guide me to the procedure of boarding at Burbank with luggage.
  14. R

    #14 CS Will Do The Tehachapi Loop Today!

    Possibly having to do with detour due to scheduled track work today?
  15. infoguy

    Revised Dates for CS Tehachapi Loop Detours

    UPDATED 9/1/2019. UP has moved the date window for its Chatsworth trackwork later by one week, and as of today, here are REVISED DATES for the Coast Starlight Tehachapi Loop rare mileage detours: Train 11 Leaving Oakland 13, 14, 15, and 16 Sept 2019 Train 14 leaving Los Angeles 14, 15, and 16...
  16. Willbridge

    Southwestern Circle Trip

    In July - August 2019 I made the Southwestern Circle Trip beginning in Denver, with an added segment to Seaside and Portland, Oregon for reunions (and to see lots of water). I was able to remain on the planned itinerary shown in the following message, with nothing but the usual delays, not...
  17. M

    Eureka, California to Vancouver, Washington: a roundabout journey

    Hello All! This Monday, I took an Amtrak trip from Eureka, California to Vancouver, Washington. This was a trip for practical purposes, although of course, I did get to see some great scenery! As some of you might know, but most of you don't, Eureka, California is a small town on the North...
  18. M

    2014 30 Day Rail Pass Trip

    This happened almost five years ago, but I thought that I should share the details of this trip: in part because I have been writing too many non-Amtrak things on this Amtrak forum! So, back in the summer of 2014, my life was kind of stuck in a rut for reasons I won't bore you with, and my...