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  1. Rodd

    Amtrak Conductor and Police De Escalate Unruly Passenger Yesterday on Acela #2224; Great Job!!

    Sending this in to Amtrak Corporate Today: Clearly "under the influence" person hops on Acela out of Union Station DC.; quiet car perpendicular to me. Has no ticket. Thankfully, Conductor was timely in checking for valid tickets as soon as we left the station. Argues he has a ticket (says...
  2. A

    What are the realities of the Conductor trainee job?

    Can anyone tell me what the day to day life of a conductor (trainee) is like? I know they are required to be on-call 24/7, the hours are unpredictable, they work six days a week and work the extra board for about five years. BUT... how does this play out in real life on a day-to day basis? I am...
  3. A

    Gay male friend wants to become a conductor, BUT...

    I am a 36-year old female who lives in NYC. A gay male friend (who is 49-years old) has always been interested in the transportation industry. He thought about becoming a truck driver and a conductor for the subway. He was never really excited about those opportunities, however. About two months...