7 Trains & Cruise Ship NE & Canada

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OBS Chief
Jul 17, 2017
Doing final packing before going to Greenville, SC to catch the Crescent to NYP tonight. Expect it to be late as usual so it will probably technically be tomorrow morning when we board.

The DCA will have our roomette prepared and we will hop into our bunks right away.

If you have seen my posted trip, you know that we pick up the Caribbean Princess in New York for a ten day cruise to New England and Canada ending in Quebec City. We will the travel via VIA ( pun intended!) to Brockville, Ontario, changing trains in Ottawa. After visiting my sister in Brockville, we will go to Montreal overnighting at the Queen Elizabeth, catching the Adirondack back to NYP the next day.

The next morning we will take the ACELA to Wilmington, DE. We the take a detour from our trains and take a rental car down to Fallston, Md to visit my daughter, son-in- law and grandchildren.

Following that visit we return the rental car to Wilmington and catch the Crescent back home to Greenville, SC.

I will endeavor to keep this journal of the trip as we go. We will see how it goes but are excited that our trip is finally here and we are riding trains again.[emoji568][emoji579]