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Fixed. :) And you can't fix it, that's not an option that's available to members. So it's not a matter of knowing how to do it. :)
Hmm. Currently available to people in FL, TX, and who ride the Capitol Corridor and Empire Builder.

I don't fit any of those. :(

I might still apply, although I doubt they'd take me, considering I live 1,443 miles from the nearest Amtrak station...

Edit: forgot about Vancouver. I guess the closest Amtrak station to me is only 1,326 miles away...
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I considered applying a while back. I was pretty determined to get on. Then I was hired by an airline, my rail travel dropped dramatically, and I put the idea aside.

Next week is my last day in the airline industry (my choice, found a better position with a public transit agency, which is a little more stable with fuel prices being what they are) and I'm slowly accumulating a large stack of Amtrak tickets in my desk drawer (the effect of living in a state without a single ticket office or Quiktrak machine). So I think that by next year I'll be able for build a decent case for getting on. How extensive was your application?
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