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I believe we have another thread on this and it does seem all cars will be getting this as you suggest, at least according to this report:

Amtrak Phase VII paint scheme
Indeed. Though note that there is no major Red other than the thin Red base band on the passenger cars. Only locomotives and Cab Cars have the large Red field around the Cab. Passenger cars look something like:

The dark looks fairly good. However, heating and cooling darker cars can always be a problem in extreme temperatures. The US scare airplane paint jobs did not last long.
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Second P42 in Phase VII AMTK 82 is the second engine on the westbound California Zephyr that left Chicago today. I caught this Amtrak #5(12) east of Ottumwa, Iowa. With the first Phase VII P42 174 in Denver on the ski train set, I wonder if there will a chance to see both units at the same time tomorrow.