Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle Day 4 STL - CHI

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Apr 12, 2010
Willamette Valley, Oregon
October 28, 2010: Day 4 (Part 1) of my Amtrak 2010 Texas Eagle excursion. A beautiful morning dawns as the Texas Eagle rests and gets fuel at platform A in St. Louis, MO on the last day of the trip. There is plenty of time to walk around on the platform and the foot bridge as a BNSF coal comes to a stop in the station. Departing the St. Louis station, we take the northern route under the Gateway Arch, past the MLK and Mc Kinley bridges, and on to Merchants bridge where we cross the Mississippi river.

Just over the Mississippi river, I choose to ejoy the duration of the trip in my bedroom as we traverse a cloudy Illinois. After street running in Springfield, IL and a brief station stop in Normal, IL, we make make our way to our stop in Joliet, IL just across from Silver Cross Field baseball park. As We shadow Interstate 55 towards Chicago, an EL train lets us know we're close to our destination as we see lots of track work and pass by the Amtrak yard. We just barely outpace AMTK 129 into our final stop at Chicago Union Station where we left a mere 3 days before.

Here is day 4 in a video travelogue: St. Louis, MO to Chicago, IL

Part 1: St. Louis, MO and crossing the Mississippi river


(OK, so this one blew my "one a month" average.) :)

Bob Dylan

May 31, 2009
Austin Texas
Even though Ive ridden this route many times, makes me wish I was on it right now! Good job, thanks for sharing! :cool: