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Aug 17, 2005
Queens, New York
Sometime next year I am going to create a will, and need a place or interested entity to donate a n organized and well preserved set of Amtrak paper goods. From the very first May 1, 1971 schedule to the last in 2015 or so, with some periods in the 70's missing but otherwise complete from the 80's onward. These include National Timetables to many Northeast Corridor schedules they used to have shots of the locomotives coming head on. Since my family rode the Silver Star and Meteor for our annual vacation, there is a sizeable number of East coast NY to Florida timetables. Also, menues, vacation guides, and many brochures that used to excellently advertise Amtrak's trains and services. Does anyone on here know where, upon my passing, my executor can donate my large collection? Please reply on the board. Thanks.
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