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With #356 now delivered, what do folks think will happen when we reach #374, the end of the base order? Perhaps the dual modes?
Amtrak will not order third rail dual mode for Empire Service. They have already ordered Battery dual mode Airo sets for that.
The equipment for Empire service will not be Amtrak, but NYDOT and they did not order Airo sets
I am afraid you are mistaken

Read the following article:

and then the following from Amtrak which clearly states Airos will be used on Empire Service:

NYDOT is not buying anything for Empire Service. They will be leasing equipment from Amtrak just like they do now.
One source of confusion is the New York order did include options for Amtrak but ultimately they will not be exercising them given the different direction Amtrak went with the battery hybrid power.
So how are they going to handle the Lake Shore Limited?
Lake Shore Limited falls under the single level LD order that is yet to be addressed. We will have to see how that RFP goes. One possibility is to get third rail dual mode, a second possibility is to get catenary dual mode and the third is to get battery dual mode. We will have to wait and see. And when it happens it won't be an NYDOT order. It will be an Amtrak order.

The Empire Service will use Airos, and that is the point I was making.
As long as the Airos have no problem in the future they are the way to get the most efficiency. We can see a few Empire trains to become Regionals to / from NYP by using the Airos. As well maybe in the distant future Amtrak may add CAT from NYP to Albany. Or at least CAT to beyond Spuyten CP. One less diesel route in NY.
No. As now planned:

The Empire Corrior ones will have a battery car for NYC terminal operations, but otherwise diesel powered.

The NEC ones will be dual powered catenary and diesel.

Train set lengths will also differ.

There are no plans to extend catenary up the Manhattan West Side or Hudson Lines. Lower half Hudson line belongs to Metro North.
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Not necessary depending on where wire down is located on which tracks. Also if down wire is also connected to what is live wire. Also diesel power may be able to pass if all wire is cut off.
I read @Dutchrailnut statement to mean that no train will pass on the track on which the wire is down. They could pass by other tracks, and depending on how things are set up they may even pass under electric power. At least that is the general expectation in the way things are set up in India which is now 90+% electrified and there aren't enough idle diesel engines hanging around all over the country to expect entire set of tracks to get knocked out because wire came down on one track.
I caught AMTK 361 and 359 today as #6(21) made its station stop at Ottumwa, Iowa. The train was running about two and a half hours late.


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