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Oct 13, 2021
Buffalo, NY
I want to ask anyone your opinion on my next journey and will be filming the trip with my new GoPro that I purchased. I am open to feedbacks and ideas as well. The trip will be mostly in the east coast first, thanks to the tax refund check I got so I want to spend at least $300 total on Amtrak tickets mostly on coach and one business class since most trips cost I checked are average $13 to $49 per trip and $300 for Hostel/Hotel for this whole trip and I figured, I can try to make sure the trip is all together at least $600 or less if I can try. Here what I plan to is:

Day one: Leave Buffalo, NY (Depew) via 448/48 Lake Shore Limited to Boston and do the filming the entire trip on Business class.

Overnight stay at a Hostel in Boston.

Day two: Early in AM, film around Boston transit system, film the North and South bay stations and possible take one roundtrip on Downeaster full trip.

Day two (That evening): Take the train down to NYC via Night owl train. (Hope they can restore the sleeper car, if they do I'll book it, if not I will try business class?)

Day three: Rest at Penn Station until Moynihan hall opens at 6am, do the filming around since they updated by opening the food hall and all that.

Day three (Afternoon): Take train down to Wash DC, film the station then go around the city and enjoy. I also plan just out of curiously, to visit the first ever Deaf Starbucks Store on H Street with full of Deaf Starbucks employees.

Overnight stay at a hostel in DC.

Day Four: Either take train down to two different Richmond stations or go to Roanoke.

Overnight stay at a Hotel (Either Richmond or Roanoke).

Day Five: Take the trip to Springfield direct. Do the filming on trip. Tour the SPG station.

Overnight stay or either go back south to New Haven, stay hotel there or do filming of trains passing by until I wait for the night owl train back to NYC. Rest at the Penn Station until first train back home to Buffalo via Empire Service on the next day.

Day Six: Return back home.

NOTE: I have 8 coupons, 4 each has 10% discount off and 4 free upgrade to Business class. I might use them. For the 10%, I will use it on higher ticket cost like Roanoke to Springfield, since I checked the ticket is almost $100, so I would get $10 off, just a savings. For the business class upgrades, I might use on like LSL or others that is more than 5+ hours trip.
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Sep 2, 2021
Lubec, ME
Day two: Early in AM, film around Boston transit system, film the North and South bay stations and possible take one roundtrip on Downeaster full trip.
A round trip on the Downeaster is pretty much a full day. Earliest departure from Boston is 8:50 AM and returning on the next train from Brunswick gets you back around 430 PM. You could save a little time by turning back in Portland.

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Jan 29, 2004
Charlottesville VA
Roanoke has some interest and character plus the train station is right downtown. Richmond otoh is a big ugly city with points of interest far apart. RVR is miles from downtown in an area of no interest whatever without close public transit. Just my experience🤷🏻‍♂️

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Apr 27, 2008
I agree about Roanoke being walkable and fun, and also agree that RVR isn’t worth a stop—nothing is walkable and the only thing to do there, weather permitting, is to sit outside on the patio and watch trains roll by. RVM on the other hand is less than a mile from Capitol Square and there are some interesting restaurants etc. nearby, so if the schedules actually line up for a layover, it may be worth a try.