Amtrak wins takeover of Washington Union Station

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west point

Jun 9, 2015
SW ATL airport
Union Station after 7pm is like the movie "Night of the Living Dead". The zombies freely roam about the station.
The hours before my first Amtrak ride ever were interesting. It was about 5 weeks after 9/11/01 and my cousin dropped me off at a Metro station in Virginia since he had a gun with him. I don't remember exactly when I got to Union Station but i do remember walking down to the open air Mc Donalds for something to eat before they closed. I watched several mice eating french fries that had been dropped on the floor. I curled up in a chair with my luggage to wait for my 3AM train to New York Penn.
I've been in Union station a couple of times since then but never after 7PM. I even remember seeing George Will in the station once.