CHI to WAS RT on 30 and 29; 12/8 -12/9

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Aug 27, 2002
This is another one of those "If I don't go on an Amtrak train in A sleeper soon I am gonna snap" trips. After a few reviews of different options, I decided on a quick trip to Washington, D.C. During 1st period I checked ASM and determined 29 made it on time into Chicago this morning with its single Charger locomotive. I saw a video of this equipment passing through the suburbs of Washington, DC last night.

This is the same set of equipment that left Chicago 4 hours late on Tuesday night. Hoping to have better luck tonight.
I had a smooth day at school. A Christmas variety show during 7th period helped end the day on a positive note. 7th period can be a little stressful.

Then I realized I had left my jacket in another classroom which delayed my departure from school. I left at 4 and got to a parking garage booked via ParkWhiz for 36 dollars through to my return on Sunday.

I was in the metropolitan lounge by 5. I used the shower to clean up and change to clean close. This is my pro move to avoid showering on a moving train. I’m older so that’s harder.

They called for the sleeping car passengers to line up at 6:10. We were led through the coach boarding area and out to the train. The conductor scanned ticketed on the platform. I was in my room by 6:20. The windows are immaculate. The inside is as clean as a superliner 2 can be.
We ran on time all night. Went up to get breakfast in the diner car. The LSA was grumpy at first. I went up to order. He was sitting down. Stated he would be right with me. It was obvious he was having a social conversation with another employee sitting there. I remained at the window and he stated again he would be right with me. I asked him if I was supposed to wait at the table instead. He responded by telling me he had just said two times he would be right with me. I told him I understood that but each train has its own system and I wasn’t sure about what he wanted.

He finally figured out that it would be easier to wait on me rather than being dismissive. The egg sandwich was cooked properly and was adequate.

He did come around later and removed the garbage. I was enjoying the views of sand patches I hadn’t gotten up to dispose of the garbage.

I got a second cup of coffee and he was decent this time.
We stopped briefly near Casselman, pa. Announcement was that we hit wild animal and knocked an airhose loose.
Did that on the CZ out of FMG just as we got to speed. Walking from the Diner back to my Roomette with a cup of coffee. That was a fun balancing act with the sudden deceleration. Didn't spill any coffee though.
We stopped briefly near Casselman, pa. Announcement was that we hit wild animal and knocked an airhose loose.
We had the same thing on the Empire Builder out of St. Paul. Hot a deer. We were running late, and when they announced the Amstew, I was hoping it would be "enhanced" with some venison, but no such luck.