CN trackwork that affectss Saluki on 11/20/23

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Nope, CN is adamant Amtrak trains are too short & light. The change will end up being something on Amtrak's end. They've been working on finding a "fix"; but I've not heard if the latest attempts have been successful.
This is strange. The venture cars and other types of trains do okay with the tracks up in Canada.
I think this is an issue unique to CN. Being in the dome on the Canadian, I could see the front of the train pas a signal and also see when the signal changes. It usually took three locomotives and about 4 -5 of the Budd cars to pass the signal before it turned red. Didn't happen all the time, but it was pretty consistent the whole way from Toronto to Vancouver.
I wondered about the Canadian. I do recall watching the signals change from the dome car, but I never thought about lag time for the signal changing aspects.
The problem in the US midwest that we are discussing allegedly does not occur on any of CN's Canadian lines. It happens only on certain lines that CN acquired from previous US railroads that sold out. So using signal dropping time on the Canadian's route does not inform us much about this problem.