First Acela (1st gen) Trainset Scrapped

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Train set 4 is being scrapped. However, the coach car shown was a spare car they had that never saw revenue service.

I may have gotten the two cars mixed up as to which one was part of TS4 and which one was a spare. @Acela150, people have identified one of them as being on the TS4 (they have eagle eyes and can read the car number ;) )
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believe this car is from derailment in New Haven many years ago , the trainset ran minus one car for long time till one of spare shells was build up for use. *Trainset 18 was involved in an accident on October 28, 2004, in New Haven, Conn. First Class car 3201 suffered considerable underframe damage when it hit a bridge support. Car 3201 was removed from the trainset on November 6, and was repaired in the Bear shops. While repairs were made, trainset 18 operated with five passenger cars, generally holding down a "Metroliner" schedule.
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Can you point me to some information on this? I can't find any.
A freight train was dragging equipment and removed a signal lamp (Dwarf). Several Metro North train then pass it, before a Amtrak train approached. The Amtrak engineer had a pucker moment and hit the brakes later than need to stop before fowling the switch ahead. He may or may not had dispatch permission to backup. When he backup, he pick the switch (or it was aligned divert) and his train derails with damage occurred to coach.

Since there was several Metro North trains that when pass this signal with out stopping or reporting the dark signal. Everyone was just shaking there heads in disbelief. So limited noise.
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