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Nov 16, 2012
San Francisco Bay Area
I went to a couple of Golden State Warriors games over a week ago, and I was able to take San Francisco MUNI (except for cable cars) at no extra cost. Apparently my event ticket was considered proof of fare where it's a proof of payment system. And not just for lines that go to/from the arena or at certain times, but the equivalent of a day pass for the entire service.

Your event ticket is your Muni pass for the day!​

Here are the details​

  • This program applies to any ticketed Chase Center event that uses the Chase Center ticketing system, which is nearly all events.
  • Both electronic and physical tickets for events – including Warriors games, concerts and other events – will serve as proof of payment for Muni service throughout the day.
  • Chase Center event tickets are valid for both bus fare and light rail fare. You will be able to ride Muni without charge.
  • The ticket does not cover the cost of riding Muni’s cable car lines.
  • The ticket will be valid all day and expire at the end of the service day at 2:00 am after the event.
  • When using Muni Metro service, show your ticket to a Station Agent. If the booth in not occupied, proceed through the gate nearest the Station Agent window; the gate will open automatically.
  • Passengers with a valid ticket can board through any door so we can quickly get you to the event or game! There is no need to show your Chase Center ticket to a bus or rail driver.
  • Keep your event ticket handy for proof of ticket purchase when you’re heading to the arena. Failure to show a valid ticket - print, mobile or season tickets, or proof of ticket purchase - when requested by a Transit Fare Inspector can result in a proof-of-payment fine.

I've been looking at going to the BottleRock music festival in Napa, and the city of Napa's VINE bus is operating extra buses and is completely free for all passengers for all three days of the festival regardless of whether or not one has a ticket.

But I can't find any other service that allows complimentary rides with an event ticket.