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west point

Jun 9, 2015
SW ATL airport
I suppose the Palmetto fits that pattern. When it ran to Jacksonville, the ridership between Jacksonville and Savannah was pretty thin, due to the early/late hour....
Yes JAX<>SAV not so good but the Meteor and Star covers that leg very well. Now just have Palmetto arrive JAX south bound at midnight and north bound at 2300. Schedule layover JAX 2:00. That way both daily inspections can be performed. Then a complete catering and servicing as well. Intermittent catering could also be done for Meteors and Stars. Will not interfere with Auto Train.

SB ORL arrive 0500 NB Leave ORL 2000. Makes for good connections to all cruise ships all way to MIA. Maybe even be a second service to TPA?

Now equipment. It will take 2 additional equipment sets for a total of 4 same as the present Star and Meteor. See no way for any sleepers and diners for at least 7 years. Then maybe even longer as the next LD route will be the Southern Crescent Texas Star. Depending on loads and final destinations of its cars that route might require 36 - 50 additional cars. Cars do not grow on trees especially Amtrak's un wiliness to refurbish present cars.