Gathering day 3

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Mar 14, 2008
Warren MI
Up at 8AM and left at 8:30Am and walked to the EMY station getting there around 9AM and found a couple others were already there. At 9:50 We boarded our train for the trip to SJC. We had the car mostly to ourselves on this run. When we got to SJC we split up with a couple doing a points run while another went caltrain riding while the rest of us boarded the light rail which acts like a bus. it goes down the middle of the street,it stops for traffic lights and you have to signal if you want off as it does not automatically stop at each station. Lunch was at the great mall food court and it seams like a 2 mile walk just to get to the food court as its way in the back and you got a hike to the light rail platform. I had a taco salad with pinto beans. It was alright. I had a souvenir cup from the food court place but left it around the platform. After lunch took light rail back to the Amtrak station were we had about a 40 minute wait for the train back.

We had the whole car to ourselves and anyone who snuck in who was not part of the group was asked to move to another car. Caravanman Had issues with his ticket somehow he asked for a round trip and only got the one ticket for the trip up but the conductor was nice and let him ride to EMY anyway as a way to say sorry for the trouble otherwise he would have to pay at $10 fee for buying the ticket on the train as there is a surcharge. When we got to the Oakland coliseum the fans who attended the raiders game(who buy the way lost) got into our car and were not happy about being told to move(they were drunk and mad that the team lost) with one guy mumbling ``whatever enjoy your private car for the next 2 stops``. When we got off at EMY we said our goodbyes with Alan,Alice grace going on a private trip while penny and a couple others went on a walk to public market while I plotted what to do with the rest of the day.

Thought about points running but ended up deciding to try and get some caltrain in. First took bart to Powell st station and attempted to walk to the san fransisco station but cause my phones GPS does not have pedestrian mode I had to go the driving route and with allot of one way streets when i tried to a take a short cut it got confused. Ended up getting back on bart and going all the way to millbrae and then Boarding caltrain back to San fransisco then Taking bart back to the hotel. Once at the hotel went next door to Carl jr,s For dinner. That is the end of the gathering.

Railroad Bill

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Jun 28, 2007
Northern Ohio
Kevin, Thanks for your daily updates about the Gathering. Certainly helped to keep informed on what you all were doing each day. Sorry I missed the event but hopefully next year somewhere in the EAST. Hope you had a safe trip back to Michigan. :)