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Oct 17, 2023
Hi all!
We're from a little west of Chicago. Love to travel!
Really looking forward to lots of info about Amtrak travel.
Hubby and I are currently working on plans to book the Northern Rail route for next June. It will be our first long distance rail trip together. We're planning on booking a roomette. Very excited to see how the different legs of trip work out, including the hotel stays in Seattle and San Francisco. I foresee a lot of walking and up and down stairs while on the train and am a bit concerned due to mobility issues (use a cane) with my knees.
Has anyone else had to deal with this concern?
Welcome to AU. The stairs in a Superliner are steep and narrow. But even if you got the ADA room downstairs you'd need to go up the stairs to move between cars to get to the diner and/or observation cars. And I think you could get early boarding to get to your roomette, it will be challenging with a cane but should be doable, especially if you leave most baggage on the rack downstairs. Others here can probably speak to these issues with more authority than I.