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Aug 23, 2002
I spoke to the Engineer of P091(19) about 20 minutes ago. He had just gotten off his train at WPB. He told me that when he reported for duty at 10 morning P097(20) was ready to go out (it turned over form last nights 90). Rather than sending out the equipment from 90 as 91 it was held for 97. 91 left out of JAX 10 minutes before 97, and 97 handled all boarding passengers, so 91 was in essence Discharge only. At Benson Junction (between Deland and Sanford) 97 was run around 91 so that CSX could get the candy money for keeping it on time. So for the first time in a while, 97 made station stops before 91.


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Aug 22, 2002
I can't imagine that Amtrak would be paying any on-time bonus money for a train that arrived on-time without running it's full route. That would be nuts. CSX getting bonus money for a train that should have run through 10 states, when it only ran through one. I can't imagine that.

A train is only considered on-time if its run the normal route. Not a route that has largely been annuled. Amtrak lost money on all those passengers that it couldn't pick up because CSX screwed up. They are certainly not going to pay a bonus for that.
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