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Apr 5, 2011
Baltimore. MD
So I was channel surfing late last night and I see that my cable provider offers NHK World, the international channel of Japan's public broadcaster. Well, what do you know, they have a program about trains!

This was the one I saw:

Some interesting stuff with some views of various Japanese tourist lines. learning calligraphy and tasting sake By the way, those Japanese tourist lines do some pretty creative stuff, like Dinosaur Trains, trains for foreigners in Japanese cosplay, trains that showcase Japanese fake food displays, etc. Our tourist trains here in the US seem to only have Santa Specials and Wild West shootouts, even on train lines that have nothing to do with the Wild West.

(Wild West Express – Northern Central Railway of York)

(This one isn't even in Western Pennsylvania, though it is west of Philadelphia. Still, it's not exactly cowboy country.)

There was some other neat stuff showcasing new equipment, a vintage steam trtain that's coming back in service, and the announcement of the retirement of some well-loved old rolling stock.

And since I found the website with streaming video, I don't even have to saty up until 10:30 PM on Thursdays and Fridays to watch it!