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Oct 20, 2008
Hi. I am filing this under "ask a stupid question, get a smart you-know-what answer"...

Not sure anyone else has had a chance to interact with Julie, the Virtual Travel Assistant at amtrak.com, but I wanted to post my first interaction with her. She really told me!

I decided to ask her why she didn't look like the real Julie...Here is the transcript of how that conversation went:

Julie: Hi, I'm Julie, your Virtual Travel Assistant. How can I help you today? Enter your question below and I'll help you find the information you need.

You Asked: why dont you look like the real julie?

Julie: What I look like isn't that important. But I'm pretty smart and can answer lots of questions. What would you like to know about Amtrak."

I guess she told me, right? :giggle:

Can't blame a girl for wanting to stick to the facts.
Wonder if the Rumour going around is True that one of our Members asked Julie for a Date and she told him "I have a boyfriend!" :lol: :lol: :lol:
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My wife thinks I am having an affair with Julie.

She says that every time I call Julie on the telephone I disappear a few days later on a 'train trip'.
Someone should ask Julie how many trains she has been on?

The phone version of Julie is very nice and accomodating. I havent tried the virtual one yet.
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The real Julie (the human being who did the voice recordings) is married with children, I think. The next time someone suspects an affair with this Julie, tell them to look her up on Google - she's right there for everyone to see.
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