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Train Attendant
Aug 20, 2016
Hi - I’m getting ready to plan my trip from Northern New Mexico to Southern Florida for a cruise. Ideally I would travel Lamy to Chicago, Chicago to Washington D.C., and DC to Fort Lauderdale. Last year that plan got squashed because of COVID and I ended up going through NYP and spending the night in New York, before picking up a Meteor (the one that didn’t get cancelled) and making it to Florida. Should I try the best (shortest) plan or just go through New York?
When is your trip? If it is after the resumption of the Silver Meteor, the CL to Meteor connection has a relatively safe 6+ hour layover at WAS. The CL/Star connection (the only one currently available) is a relatively risky one at 1.5 hours.

In any case you should be able to book via WAS. Even the Stat connection is guaranteed, meaning Amtrak will get you there, whether by a busstitution to catch up with your missed train, a booking on the Meteor (if running), or paying for a hotel in DC and booking you on the next day’s Star.