Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

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Train Attendant
Sep 21, 2020
Must be that Phyllis Diller syndrome ! LOL !
Ya Amtrak has that huge diesel ELECTRIC generator (sometimes more than one) at the front of the train - more power to - - -

Curiosity - do the outlets take a two prong or the three (with ground) connection ?
Always when traveling I take a converter plug to take care of most of these issues.
Haven't rode Amtrak sleeper or roomette accommodations - am I in for a surprise ?
On cruise ships have to be careful not upset the chief electrical officer - the one that
resets the breakers when you overtax the electrical grid - my shaver did it !
Really and not that multi gizmo wattage hair dryer.
In our trip last week, EB eastbound had 3 prong (including ground) outlets but I thought westbound was 2


Service Attendant
Mar 3, 2020
In our trip last week, EB eastbound had 3 prong (including ground) outlets but I thought westbound was 2
The 2 vs 3 prongs indicates the safety ground. It would be surprising to see a 2 holer on anything newer than maybe the 1960's. Unless they intentionally want to prevent people from using bigger appliances, which generally have 3 prong cordsets.
Maybe RR electricity is different?


Feb 27, 2019
Somewhere in Southern Ontario
You will still find 2-prong outlets in some modern installations, such as the "razor-only" type sometimes found in hotel bathrooms. It's entirely possible Amtrak has a mix - VIA certainly does, although arguably has more older equipment. Some 3-prong devices don't actually use the third (round) pin for grounding, but for positioning the other two for polarity as an alternative to the dual-sized blades which are increasingly common.


Michigan Mom

OBS Chief
Jan 28, 2012
I will trade both breakfast and lunch for a large mug of good coffee with cream that hasn't gone bad.
On Amtrak, it's a gamble with those creamers as many of them will be borderline stale or downright spoiled. Years ago one of the SCAs told me it's about diligence in keeping them chilled. He had the best coffee too. Anyway I bring my own carton of cream now and that solves the issue.


Train Attendant
Mar 23, 2020
Prices are usually high once the new fares are released. Just wait a while and they should go down. Most of the trains still have a low bucket available right now for June/July.
Mar 11, 2020
Last week I was on the Empire Builder from EVR to MSP. It was one of my best trips yet. I was in a roomette and got the meals. When boarding, the attendant said he could get my meals or I could go to dining car. It seemed over half the people had the attendant get their meals.

In the dining car, they skipped every other table so were staggered. No packing with others. The lunch and dinner were fancy microwave meals (like Marie Calendars) a small salad, dinner roll and drink. The first meal got a free alcohol. After the meal was asked what I wanted for desert and I said I was still hungry and could I buy another. Lady said no they are small I will just give you another what do you want? No cash. had to buy drinks with a card, although I left tips in cash.

Coach was not allowed to eat in dining car and had to go to the observation car cafe.

Breakfast was not so hot. something like a sausage McMuffin, Blueberry muffin, yogurt.

My trip was 1 hr 45 minutes late, the train a couple days before was 4 hours late. The staff seemed to be working harder and faster, less of them than before.

Fare seemed in line with past.