Minimum adequate service in Western Canada

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Ahhh, the Pepin Cutbacks of 1981. They were pushed through without modification. From 1977 to 1981 VIA Rail made a lot of progress. Here's part of the Super Continental coming through Edmonton in 1979.
1979 069.jpg

In 1981the axe fell:
1981 Pepin cutbacks per T2000 Alberta 001.jpg

VIA Rail employees tried to make do, routing passengers from Edmonton to Vancouver via Calgary on chartered buses or via Prince George! To and from the east via Calgary filled the morning northbound RDC train and its evening return to Calgary. Passengers arrived at South Edmonton while their baggage arrived later in a train from Saskatoon in the downtown CN Tower station.

Checked baggage arrives. 1981 050.jpg

This from Nick VIncent of T-2000 Canada in early 1982:
1982 02 01 T2000 national 001 (2).jpg

I sent an update to Art Lloyd of Amtrak in April 1982:
1982 04 29 - rwr to art lloyd - new TCs and VIA-CP 001 (2).jpg

1982 10 15 MP Kilgour and J-L Pepin ref EDM-CGY 001.jpg
1983 03 03 - rwr to eh VIA and Amtrak rte rumours 001.jpg
1983 03 03 rwr to eh VIA and  Amtrak rte rumours 001.jpg

It was quite a struggle to repair the damage done with the Pepin Cutbacks. In many ways VIA never recovered.