Newark Airport Station improvements (2024)

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Aug 24, 2003
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A new project just got funded with a PANYNJ $160 Million grant that will make the station much more useful for the general community while adding additional ways of accessing the airport.

The project consists of building a concourse on the side of the track away from the airport and extending the foot overbridge to connect to it. This facility will have a some parking facility bus stop space and pickup dropoff spaces. This will be on the side that will not require an AirTrain ticket to access from the community. So local folks will be able to gain access to Amtrak and NJT trains through this concourse. In addition they will also be able to get to the Airport by paying the AirTrain fee and using the AirTrain.

Presumably NJT and Amtrak will sell two types of ticket to the EWR station, one with and one without the AirTrain supplement included. Only the ones with AirTrain supplement will be able to access the AirTrain. Of course even today you can buy just an AirTrain ticket from the NJT TVM anyway, should you need one.
Seems like a good (albeit pricey) project.

It does seem like a potentially confusing situation in terms of potentially having two types of tickets to the EWR station. My guess is they will solve this by simply charging everyone the AirTrain fee regardless of whether one intends to use the AirTrain. Of course another solution would be to make the AirTrain free to everyone in the interest of reducing traffic congestion around the terminals, etc. But obvoiusly that won't happen.

I guess another option would be to not add the AirTrain surcharge to Amtrak/NJT tickets and simply require people to purchase an AirTrain ticket when they enter the system.