NTD Card in the Mail

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OBS Chief
Aug 7, 2008
Long Island, NY.
Got a small card to"Be a part of the celebration in Washington". Of course I will be in Tennessee so unfortunitely I will not be able to attend any events this year :( .

One thing I noticed on the card, is that NTD's premere sponcer is SUBWAY! I wonder if they'll be giving out free $5 foot longs :lol: ! What is also funny about Subway as a sponcer, last fall they had an Amfleet rolling the rails with McDonald's sponcership! Is Amtrak a really big marketing target all of the sudden (For products you may never fnd on these trains!

Little history fact between Amtrak and Subway: Subway, abeit short lived (Less than a week), actually turned cafe cars on New York to Albany into "Subways. The cars were saffed with Subway (not Amtrak) personnell, who (AFAIK) made subs like any Subway (They might have come pre packaged, but it was so short lived I don't think anyone could possible know the complete story to it).