Oregon to Tucson and return

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OBS Chief
Oct 24, 2012
I left CMO about 10 minutes late 8:20PM on 2/6. We arrived in SAC about 30 minutes early (5:45AM). Since I had a connection to make in Los Angeles to the Sunset Limited I chose to take the bus to Stockton, San Joaquin to Bakersfield and bus to LAX route. I arrived at LAUS 2 hours before the Coast Starlight arrived (on time). The Sunset Limited left about 15 minutes late anyway. We did sit in Maricopa for at least 10 minutes before heading to Tucson. We arrived in Tucson at 8:40AM Arizona Time.
I waited with several other Enterprise customers for their 9AM opening. They did send a large vehicle to pick the 5 of us up. I got a Toyota Corolla to drive back to Yuma for my events since I did not want to get off in Yuma at 4AM.
After several geocaching events including one in Los Algodones Mexico on Monday, I headed back to Tucson on Tuesday to return the rental car before closing time. The station agent was nice enough to store my bags without charge while I took the car back empty. Enterprise was nice enough to bring me back to the station at 5PM. The Sunset Limited was scheduled to Tucson at7:45-8PM. It arrived at 2AM Wednesday. We did not arrive at LAUS (11:15AM PT) in time to connect with the departing Coast Starlight. The passengers were directed to a waiting bus to Bakersfield to get on the 712 San Joaquin all the way to Martinez. We were in Martinez for 3 hours before the Coast Starlight arrived. The Martinez station agent violated the $10/bag policy so that 3 of us could go to a restaurant in Martinez.
Station agents have some leeway on the $10/bag policy if you are only going to leave the station for less than 2 hours. The place that was a bit nasty IMO was at Sacramento. I pulled my bag and had my backpack on my back for the 1.25 miles from the station to the Fox & Goose where I had a great $15 breakfast. I got back to the station with my bags about an hour before my bus to Stockton.
At the end of my trip at CMO we were only about 15 minutes late Thursday morning.